Why Hosted Solr?

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Hosted Solr is immediately available

There's no need to say much here. Simply create an account and get started with Apache Solr. It's that simple.

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Hosted Solr is easy to use

It couldn't be easier. Just follow our instructions on getting started and Hosted Solr will be up and running for you. It's that simple.

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You can test Hosted Solr for free

So that you can take the time to see for yourself that Hosted Solr really is as good as we claim, you can try using the service for free. To do so, simply create a user account. The trial package is automatically installed in every new user package. It's that simple.

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Hosted Solr can be cancelled every month

We are convinced of Hosted Solr. For that reason, we have no drawn-out contractual obligations. We are confident that a good product is the best way to promote customer loyalty and that you will not want to do without Hosted Solr. And if you should decide one day that you no longer need Hosted Solr for whatever reason, you can simply cancel the packages you have paid for with a single click. It's that simple.

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Hosted Solr grows with you

As your business expands and your website receives more traffic, the amount of data in your Apache Solr index will increase – and Hosted Solr will grow with you. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything except order a larger Hosted Solr package. It's that simple.

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We have already configured Hosted Solr for you

We have preconfigured Hosted Solr for various systems, including TYPO3 and Sunspot. We have also put together a list of supported functions on the features page. It's that simple.