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How Hosted Solr Works

Graphic: This is how Hosted Solr works
Rapid availability

Rapid Availability

Once you have created your Solr index with just a few clicks using our convenient web interface, it will be uploaded to our infrastructure. This usually takes only a few moments, and you are able to use the search index immediately.
Thanks to Hosted Solr, you can save enormous amounts of time and therefore money because all the Apache Tomcat and Apache Solr configuration is done for you.

Screenshot | Automated Management

Automated Management

Hosted Solr automatically manages your Apache Solr indexes. Individual search indexes can be activated, deactivated or deleted at the click of a mouse.
To this end, we have developed an automated infrastructure that takes care of managing your search indexes. Even in the middle of the night, you can add a new Apache Solr index in a matter of minutes.

Screenshot | Scalability


The Hosted Solr architecture is designed to operate with search indexes of any size. Whether you want to run a large corporate website or expand the home page of a local tradesman with a search function, Hosted Solr adapts to your needs and not vice versa.

Screenshot | Search Index Monitoring

Search Index Monitoring

If you wish to run Apache Solr on your own infrastructure, you have to take care of operating the search solution as well as installation and configuration. This means that Apache Solr must be monitored around the clock if potential problems are to be identified and remedied as quickly as possible.
Hosted Solr relieves you of this task. The search indexes are monitored, guaranteeing the highest availability for your search. And if things don’t run quite as expected from time to time, we will communicate system failures in a timely and transparent manner on Twitter.

Easy to Use

The Hosted Solr user interface is designed for simple, intuitive operation. During the private and public beta phases, we carried out extensive optimisation in collaboration with our test users.
Furthermore, we also plan to release a REST interface soon so that Apache Solr indexes can be managed independent of the online application.

Screenshot | High Security

High Security

When developing the standard configuration we use for Apache Solr, we placed great importance on achieving a high level of security. Each Solr index operates in isolation so that individual indexes are unable to influence each other.
Additionally, your Solr index is only available after a successful authentication process.

Four Different Flexible Plans for Hosted Solr

Flexible Plans

With a total of four plans, we offer the right model to suit almost any application. However, if things are still not quite right, please get in touch! Together we can work out a suitable model for you.