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General Apache Solr for TYPO3 Plans

In our FAQ section you can find quick and easy answers to questions about Hosted Solr.
If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us.


Which third-party applications do you support?

At the moment, we support TYPO3 and Drupal.
Nevertheless, we currently working on supporting further third-party applications.

Third-party Application Supported Plugin Versions Further Informations
TYPO3 CMS (EXT:solr) 12, 11.5, 11.2, 11.0 (Versions Matrix) Website
Drupal 8 / 9 Search API Solr 4.1.x  Website

How can I cancel my account?

Please use the contact form for cancelling your account.

Apache Solr for TYPO3

How can I use an Apache Solr index that is hosted by Hosted Solr in my TYPO3 installation?

After creating the Solr index using the web interface, please click on the button Tipps. There, we provide a TypoScript snippet that you need to paste into your website's TypoScript template configuration.

How do I configure the Hosted Solr cores via Site Configuration?

When using Site Configuration and the appropriate EXT:solr version 10+, the core configuration must be done in Site Configuration. However, the data required for Hosted Solr cannot be stored via Site Management, but requires a manual adjustment of the yaml file. As mentioned in the extension documentation, language-specific information can be stored there, e.g. via solr_host_read or solr_core_read.

In excerpts the configuration in the yaml file could look like this:


    title: German
    solr_host_read: node-x.hosted-solr.com
    solr_core_read: core_de
    solr_path_read: ##path##/solr/
    solr_username_read: ##user_host_x##
    solr_password_read: ##password_host_x##
    title: English
    solr_host_read: node-y.hosted-solr.com
    solr_core_read: core_en
    solr_path_read: ##path##/solr/
    solr_username_read: ##user_host_y##
    solr_password_read: ##password_host_y##

rootPageId: 1
solr_enabled_read: true
solr_scheme_read: https
solr_port_read: 443
solr_use_write_connection: false


Download a YAML example here

The use of environment variables is also possible, see Using Environment Variables in Site Configuration in the EXT:solr documentation.

Important: The yaml file should be protected from external access.



How can I change my plan?

You can switch to another plan on the page Change plan.

How often can I change my plan?

You can change your plan every 30 days.

Do you have a minimum contract term?

Yes, the minimum contract term is 30 days.